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Visit Heinola
  • Sports. Picture: Jussi Mäkelä.
  • Sports

    Heinola offers good conditions for exercise and sports. Heinola's Sports Services maintains and develops the city's sports facilities and conditions.

    Heinola's wide range of sports and exercise activities are organized by sports clubs, and they are assisted and supported by the Sports Services.

    The Sports Services organizes guided exercise groups for specific groups, for the elderly and for people of working age. Residents of Heinola who are 70 years of age or older may use the swimming hall and the city's gyms and take part in guided exercise groups for the elderly for free. Heinola, a city of healthy exercise, actively enforces health-promoting physical activity and exercise counselling.

    The swimming hall, ice stadium, bowling alley, sports hall, school gyms, sports fields in different neighbourhoods, beaches, tennis courts, shooting ranges, motor racing tracks and various outdoor trails are all intended for physical activity.

    Sports Office

    You can get more information about hobbies, sports facilities, sports clubs and their activities, fitness exercise and sporting events from the Sports Office.

    Come and visit us – we will be happy to help you in issues related to sports and exercise.

    Contact Information

    • Sports Office
    • Urheilukatu 2, 18100 Heinola
    • Open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
      Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, German