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Visit Heinola
Visit Heinola
Visit Heinola
  • Museums. Picture: Jussi Mäkelä.
  • Heinola's museums

    The City of Heinola has three museums:

    The City Museum presents the history of the city from the late 18th century to the 1930s. There are also interiors of 19th-century middle-class homes on display, collections of medals and coins, and a large collection of items designed by Anja Juurikkala for the Arabia ceramics factory. The Heinola City Museum is well-known for its exhibitions displaying different time and stylistic periods.

    The permanent exhibitions at the Heinola Art Museum include the Spranger Collection of 18th–20th century porcelain, and the library of Minister P. J. Hynninen's Art Foundation. The Art Museum organizes changing exhibitions all year round.

    When visitors step through the gate of the House of Chief Constable Aschan, they are transported two centuries back in time into the courtyard and garden of the house. Inside, the Gustavian furniture, wallpapers and utility articles tell of the time when Heinola was the seat of the Governor. The garden is laid out in late 18th-century style, and every summer, useful and ornamental plants from that period are grown in the garden.

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