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Employment Services and Employment

The aim of employment-related services is to improve the situation of long-term unemployed residents of Heinola and those with poor labour status, to support life management, and to prevent marginalization. We pay particular attention to organizing activities for activating long-term unemployed people and youth. We produce employment-related services in cooperation with the labour authorities and with other operators.

Employment-related services include subsidized employment, coordination of the employment allowance, youth summer employment and rehabilitative work, just to name a few. People who are within the scope of employment services also include young people under 25 years of age who are at risk of marginalization or without a study place.

Supporting individual employment pathways and securing the supply of labour for the business sector are important objectives for the city. We want to influence the realization of these goals even more actively with our own actions.

The services are intended for unemployed residents of Heinola, and you can apply for them through the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office).

Heinola City Contact Person:
Employment Coordinator Tero Auvinen, tel. 044 769 4250,
Languages: Finnish