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  • Education. Picture: Jussi Mäkelä.
  • Education and Training

    All children who are permanent residents in Finland are subject to compulsory education. This also applies to children living in Finland with an immigrant background.

    The compulsory education usually starts the year the child turns seven years old. Compulsory education ends when the child has completed classes 1–9 in comprehensive school, or when ten years have passed since the start of the compulsory education.

    The city of Heinola offers high-quality education in a safe environment for all comprehensive school-aged children. Services also include education support services, such as student health care, student counselling and free school meals.

    The student is entitled to free school transport if the distance to school from their permanent residence is over 5 km. 1st and 2nd class students have the opportunity to participate in voluntary and chargeable afternoon activities after the school day.

    There are nine comprehensive schools in the City of Heinola:

    • Jyränkö, Kirkonkylä, Lusi, Myllyoja, Niemelä and Vierumäki schools: classes 1 to 6.
    • Tommola school: classes 1 to 2.
    • Seminaari school: general education, classes 1 to 6, small groups for special needs education, classes 1 to 9.
    • Lyseonmäki school: classes 7 to 9.

    All schools follow the city's general curriculum. However, each school has its own operational culture and priorities in education. Schools also organize voluntary club activities after school.

    The City of Heinola also provides further education for pupils who have completed their compulsory education.

    The city of Heinola has a general upper secondary school, where pupils can carry out their general education studies and take their matriculation examination. Vocational training in Heinola is provided by the Salpaus Further Education Centre. Heinola also has a Music School, maintained by the city.

    Contact Persons

    • Director of Education and Cultural Affairs, Pirjo Hepo-oja, 0500 717 310,
    • Director of Education, Johannes Rinkinen. 050 556 5934.
    • Financial Secretary, Eija Launia, 044 797 7020,
      Languages: Finnish, English